Action takers,

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Sajjad Daya

Long before he started Sparkster Labs, our Founder Sajjad Daya had found himself in charge of a fledgling startup experiencing explosive growth ... and major challenges. In the early 2000s, at an ecommerce startup in the UK, Sajjad couldn’t even tell his customers if their order had shipped!


And for every problem, it seemed like the software solutions were too expensive, too complex, and too far out of reach.


Trying to build the software he needed, Sajjad contracted developers in India—working many time zones removed, at a two-steps-forward-one-step-back pace. Exhausted and incredibly frustrated, Sajjad had hit a wall. So, he started drawing on a whiteboard. 


“There has to be a better way to create business software”


Salesforce is revolutionary—and too expensive for most small businesses. Microsoft Dynamics is powerful, but too complex and limiting. Neither fit the needs of our growing print factory.


For Sajjad, who had spent years describing his needs to software developers with flow charts and interface mockups on a whiteboard, a truth was emerging: if he wanted to give people like himself the tools to easily build better business software, he’d have to create the toolbox.


What if we made building applications so simple, everyone could do it? ... Without code?


It dawned on him that that software development, at its core, can be boiled down into a handful of concepts—like “if” statements, variables, loops, etc. And, if it’s really just a few simple concepts, that would mean anyone can do it. Sajjad and our technical lead Amit  juggled these ideas around, meeting with software developers and professional mentors to confirm their insights and lay the foundation for a new product that they wanted to use. They called it Sparkster Labs.


Their vision was clear: Nobody should learn how to talk to computers, they should learn to understand us, in our own language. Sparkster Labs would make building applications easy, and require no programming knowledge—just curiosity and a problem to solve. It would be for the doers, the action takers, the people who know there’s a better way to do things but don’t have the time to learn how to program. It would be an application builder for the people who want to build a better world.


Getting to a final product? That would be the biggest challenge of all. But we have a saying here at Sparkster Labs: “we make the impossible, possible.” So, we got to work.


We took the little we knew, added a bit of what we had learned, and with a heap of humility and courage we began building, one small piece at a time. 


Action takers, meet your idea maker


Our team at Sparkster Labs has spent years developing, experimenting, and building proofs of concept. We’ve checked dozens of features off on our list—customizable interfaces, cloud integration, data security, drag-and-drop workflows and more. 


At times, we hit what felt like rock bottom, and  more than once! Losing talented team members to new jobs at high-profile companies and hitting technical problems that often felt insurmountable. We’ve had days with nothing but challenges, days with only questions and no answers. 


But every day, we showed up and built tiny pieces of our big vision without ever taking our eyes off the people we want to help: people like you, people like us, people who have big dreams and need a partner to make it happen. 


We’ve just begun


This journey, and the product you have in your hands today, isn’t finished. Sajjad, Amit and the rest of our Sparkster Labs team are just getting rolling. Sparkster Labs will get smarter, more functional, and easier to use as we learn from the best teachers out there—people like you. 


So, welcome to our family! We hope you enjoy what we’ve created as much as we’ve enjoyed building it for you. You’re doing big things, and we’re grateful to be your partner. 


Onward, always—

Team Sparkster Labs

"There has to be a better way to create business software"

"What if we made building applications so simple, everyone could do it? Without code?"

"It would be an application builder for the people who want to build a better world."

"Action takers, meet your idea maker"

We've just begun